Friday, March 9, 2012

A Tale of Two Castles Book Review

Genre: fantasy
Written by: Gail Carson Levine
Audience: I would say this would be a children's book. Age level...perhaps around 12?
My comments: I read somewhere that this book is loosely based on Puss and Boots. I never saw it before, but when I read it, I thought, "Hey! That's right!" When I first started this book, I wasn't too impressed with it. Part of it was my reluctance to find any dragon good. :P But when I got farther into the book, I started really liking it. So in the end, this was another great book by Gail Carson Levine!

Just a few things...Elodie (the main character) was sent to this town by her parents to become an apprentice to a weaver (if I remember correctly). But instead, Elodie disobeys her parents and goes off to become apprenticed to a mansioner to become an actress. That is the one problem I found with the book. Elodie also has a habit of interrupting her elders, but she is chided by...I won't tell you, who to ruin the story...about it, so that's all right.

One other thing that my dad pointed out to me that I didn't notice - the dragon and ogre were shown as good people, while the townspeople were shown as bad. This means that evil is being shown as good.

Alyianna's rating:  8.5 if you don't pay attention to the dragon/ogre part, 7 if you do

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