Friday, June 29, 2012

Catholic, Reluctantly (re-review) John Paul 2 High Book 1 by Christian M. Frank

I decided to re-review of this book because I don't think I did a review good enough to this book's credit last time.

the new cover

George would rather be wrestling at St. Lucy's. But the Costains, a family that he and his mom are very good friends with, has started this new Catholic school...and they need some students. Besides Seal (a.k.a. Celia), there's J.P. and Liz (who are buddies one day and enemies the next), this creep James....and the new girl, Allie. But what is a beautiful, actually normal, girl like her doing here?

Allie Weaver is a normal teenager attending a normal school called Sparrow High. But things get abnormal when a shooter begins making himself known and Allie's mom decides to move her to a new school. The problem is - this new school is a Catholic school that is tiny (besides her, there are only five other students in the entire school) and rundown. She is Catholic herself, but she doesn't practice her Faith. So all this Catholic stuff is new and weird to her. Welcome to John Paul 2 High?

And the shooter is still out there...

I LOVED this book. My dad and I make sure that I read appropriate books, so that means staying away from the teen section in the bookstore of the library, which mainly consists of dumb (and inappropriate) romance books. So when I saw that this was a Catholic teen book - I was excited to start reading it. And this book was even better than I expected. I am more into fantasy than other genres, but this is now one of my favourite books.

The first element that made this book so good was that it was Catholic. When there is so much trash in bookstores nowadays, this book was a gem. But the nice thing is that it wasn't too Catholic, if you know what I mean. A person, who is really into their Catholic faith (like me) can like this book and find it a nice change from  most books nowadays, but a person, who doesn't know much about their faith can still enjoy this book (and perhaps learn some new things, too ;P).

The second thing that made this book really enjoyable is that it had a good combination of different things. The plot was interesting and intriguing. It had some elements of romance, but just a little and that is very good. I like books with hints of romance because I find it a lot more effective with little hints leading up to a conclusion rather than a whole lot throughout the whole book (which is usually inappropriate, as it is). The character of J.P. added humour, as well, to this book.

I definitely recommend checking this book out. If you're still unsure whether you are interested in this book or not, has a chapter preview for each book in this series.

Alyianna's rating: 11 out of 10

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Introducing Artists: Andrew Johnston

I decided to spend a few minutes at the beginning of my day to do another new type post for you guys. (I'm sorry that I haven't had time for any more reviews yet. Just two more weeks, and exams will be over and I will be able to do reviews y'all again!)

Have you ever opened up your iTunes, turned on your iPod, etc....and then realized that there is nothing that you are really interested in listening to? I have had several people in my school ask for ideas of new music artists to listen to. Hence comes this series of posts. I shall try to at least one a week.

I'm going to start with an artist who's a little more classical: ANDREW JOHNSTON.

This is the only video I could find with this song...and, no, I haven't watched it. No time!

Andrew Johnston stepped into the spotlight on Britain's Got Talent with an inspirational story. He was growing up in poverty and was bullied for his love of classical music.

Unfortunately, he did not win first place...only third. It was easy to tell that he was crushed.

But even though Andrew didn't win Britain's Got Talent that year, he got a contract for Syco Records by Simon Cowell. The British boy soprano is now 17 with one album out - One Voice.

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