Monday, July 16, 2012

Bridge to Terabithia - Movie

My sister and I watched Bridge to Terabithia last night. If I had to describe this movie in one word, I would either say either "emotional" or "Wow!". This movie is now on my list of top movies, and I'm already planning music videos and fan fiction - and believe me, I only do that for TOP MOVIES.

Here is the story: Jesse (Jess) Aarons is not the happiest child. His father favours his sisters (the bratty twins Brenda and Ellie, the adorable MayBell, and the baby [I didn't catch her name]) over him. His family doesn't appreciate his love for drawing, and he is bullied at school.

Enter Leslie Burke, daughter of a couple, who write fiction. Leslie's imaginative mind is something new for Jess. Leslie and Jess discover their own imaginary world, Terabithia, where they battle the servants of the Dark Master and grow closer in friendship.

The next parts are all spoilers, so I put them in red so that you can skip them if you want. Jess has a crush on his music teacher, Ms. Edmunds. So when she invites him to go to the art museum with her, he eagerly accepts. He thinks about inviting Leslie, as well; but he decides not to, wanting Ms. Edmunds all to himself. When he comes back, he finds that Leslie tried to go into Terabithia alone. The rope broke, and, although Leslie was a good swimmer, the current was too strong, and she drowned. Jess finds Leslie's death hard to cope with and goes into Terabithia alone. He imagines the Dark Master following him, but it turns out to be his father. Jess' father comforts his son and Jess makes his sister MayBell a Princess of Terabithia.

The movie was wonderful. The scenery of Terabithia was gorgeous. AnnaSophia Robb was the perfect Leslie. Josh Hutcherson was a really great Jess. The acting was done really well. I didn't care too much for some of the background music, but the soundtrack pieces (Seeing Terabithia, Jesse's Bridge, Into the Forest) were just as magical as the Narnia and LOTR soundtracks are for me. In addition to all this, I haven't read the books since I was young, but my memory and Wikipedia tell me that that the movie isn't too far from the book (anyone can correct me if I'm wrong).

The movie is rated PG, for several reasons. First, for some frightening scenes. But, honestly, I don't think the few scenes are any scarier than the Narnia movies. Next, there are 2-3 instances of language from Jess' dad in one scene where he gets mad at his son. At school, there is a lot of bullying going on. The Protestant church that Jess and MayBell go to have them believe that God is unjust, sending people to Hell, who don't believe in Him. And finally, one bully's father is reported to have been beating his daughter.

Here is a review talking about the PG rating of this movie.

However, I still think this movie is appropriate for children. My sister is eight and she didn't have a problem with the movie (part of this may be that she is too young to really understand it all). Actually, I was more affected by the movie than she was. The scenes where Jess finds about Leslie's death and when his teacher at once occasion and his father at another comfort him are so very emotional.

And so, I would definitely recommend this movie - with a box of tissues nearby.

Alyianna's rating: 9.8 out 10 (0.2 taken off for language)


James and Jacob said...

I believe I have seen this a while back but I do not exactly remember if I liked it then, good review. :)


Alyianna said...

Thanks. :)

That Dude said...

Great review! :)
I saw the movie a long time ago, possibly when it was still new :O but I still feel sad when I'm reminded about Leslie.
And I just noticed that the dad is the same actor from Terminator 2! :O

Arda said...

LOVE this movie! This is one of the best adapted-from-a-book movies I've seen. Great pictures and post!

Alyianna said...

Thanks! :)

Annie-Jo said...

This sounds really nice. Maybe I'll get to watch it some time. By the way, what age are the children - Jess and Leslie - during the story? xo

Alyianna said...

Jess is 10 in the books, so I'm guessing he's the same in the movie (and Leslie is the same age or maybe a year younger or older)...though it does say in Wikipedia that he is a seventh-grader in the movie, which would make him around twelve...which is pretty confusing. :P

AND to make it even more confusing, I checked up Josh Hutcherson (Jess) on Wikipedia, and according to them, he was 15 when he was in BTT - which is just WRONG! AnnaSophia Robb (Leslie) is a year younger than Josh.

So...I would go with Jess being 11 and Leslie 10 because I thought I heard something like that once. Very confusing, this whole business. :-/

Lucy Pevensie said...

That was a great movie!

Alyianna Baggins said...

Who is your favourite character in it?

Lucy Pevensie said...

My fav. character might be Leslie...!