Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sieze the Story: A Handbook for Teens Who Like to Write REVIEW

This writing book was quite good. It was easy to read, engaging, and humorous. The book was filled with writing exercises that I found quite helpful. With school, the amount of time I spent writing had decreased a lot. But after doing these writing exercises, I have gotten into the habit of free writing, finding other writing exercises to do, and working on my book(s) again.

Every chapter starts with some quotes from writers (some of them quite inspiring, if I do say so myself). There are also examples from well-known books (such as The Lord of the Rings ;D) to help you understand what the author is trying to say. The book begins with freeing your imagination and creating characters and finishes off with concepts such as showing vs. telling and point of view, and interviews with authors (the main question on advice for aspiring teen writers).

This book is great for new writers, as well as more experienced ones. I like this quote from a person named Rebecca Czarnecki on Goodreads: "Really, this is not just a book about to how to write, it's also like a support group!" I think the writing tips, quotes, and writing exercises really made this book like a support group.

Alyianna's rating: 10

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