Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Great Gatsby REVIEW (SPOILERS)

I find it hard to decide if I like this book or not. It was easy to read, well-written, and engaging. The characters were realistic and you could grow to care for them. I found the beginning a little boring, but once I got as far as after the first few pages, I like the book.

So why do I find it hard to decide what my thoughts are about this book? Because of the story. Here's how I would summarize this story:

The narrator, Nick, lives nearby the famous Gatsby, who holds big parties in his mansion that many people come to, even if they're not invited. When the story begins, Nick goes to visit his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom. A friend of Daisy's, Jordan Baker, is also there. From the latter, he learns that Tom has a mistress. As the story progresses, Nick meets Tom's mistress and is invited to one of Gatsby's parties. At the party, he meets the great Gatsby himself. Gatsby has Jordan Baker explain to Nick that eight years ago, he and Daisy were a couple. But then, he had to go off to the war, and then after that, he was forced to attend a college. When he came back, Daisy was married to Tom. He wants Nick to arrange a meeting with Daisy at his home so that he can visit with Daisy. Nick does so, and Gatsby (that's his last name, by the way) shows Daisy his beautiful house next door. The next day (I believe), Tom finds out about Gatsby and Daisy. Even though he is angry, he comes along with Nick, Jordan, Daisy, and Gatsby to town. Daisy and Gatsby drive in Gatsby's yellow car. On the way back home, Daisy is driving and accidentally kills Tom's mistress. Both Tom and his mistress' husband are deeply distressed. Tom tells the latter that Gatsby did it, which he thinks is the truth. The deeply saddened and angered man (the mistress' husband) kills Gatsby. Daisy and Tom move away, and Jordan and Nick (who had previously kissed) break up.

And that's pretty much the story of The Great Gatsby. Very dramatic, as you can see. The book was interesting, and so I would say that it's good. I just don't exactly approve of the story line. So I shall give this book a (by the way, I will be reading it again because this book is one of the many I have to read for a college-level English course):

Alyianna's rating: 8 out of 10

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James and Jacob said...

I have seen the trailer for the movie that will be based on the book. :) This looks kind of interesting, although I am more of a fantasy, sci-fi fan.