Monday, August 13, 2012

Megan and Liz - YouTube Legends

It may seem silly to some of you...but to me, Megan and Liz are like YouTube legends. ;) I discovered them with a cover with Tiffany Alvord, right around when I was just discovering YouTube artists, but I really didn't start listening to any of their music until I heard "Are You Happy Now" the day before the music video was released.

I can just imagine when I'm married and I have kids, my daughter (if I have one :P) will ask me, "Mom! Megan and Liz have a new CD - can we get it? Please?" And I'll say, "Sure, I'll plan a trip to Walmart soon. I'd like to hear it, too." :)

I had these thoughts when listening to (or rather, watching) Megan and Liz's new music video - Bad For Me. I didn't like this song the first time I heard it, but after a few caught me (catchy song :P). And I love, love, LOVE the music video.

And then here's Megan and Liz's amazing song that I discovered them with - and I think is their BEST.

A few of my other favourites of theirs...

Princess Charming - Yes, yes, I know I said I hated this song here on Alyianna's Reviews. I...errr...changed my mind. :P

Rest of You - I like this song, but I don't really care too much for the music video.

Long Distance

Megan and Liz also do covers. Here are a few of the ones that I think are their best. :)

A cover of Taylor's "Enchanted"

A cover of "Payphone"

A cover of "Good Girl"
I don't listen to Carrie Underwood because our parish priest said her songs aren't appropriate and I don't listen to the ones that I know are appropriate because my mom said that she found something about her that wasn't appropriate...but I love this cover. :)

Any comments? ;) Which original song and which cover did you like best?

(Please humour me and comment?)
 Yes, I know...hint hint by putting it in the largest letters I could find. :P

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