Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Deluxe Tracks Review (Taylor Swift)

As I promised, here is my review on Taylor's Red deluxe tracks. :)

17. The Moment I Knew - This song isn't too shabby. I like the violin sound to the chorus. :) This song is heartbreaking, about when Taylor's boyfriend didn't show up to her birthday party when he said "he would be there".
18. Come Back...Be Here - THIS GORGEOUS SONG, THIS TREASURE. You've probably already guessed that THIS is my favourite song from the whole Red album...and you'd be right. This song has such a longing feel to it, and I love the music. I'd have to say that part of the reason that I like this song so much is because of who it is about (or, at least, who I truly believe this song is about). ;)
19. Girl At Home - This is another song that has quite a different sound than Taylor's older songs. I know that most of her songs in this album are this way, but the music in this song made this another song that stands out as different. But I do like this song. :) I also like the message - Taylor tells a guy "don't look at me" because he has "a girl at home" and he shouldn't cheat on her.
20. Treacherous (Demo) - I think I like this version of Treacherous better than the original song because this version is more quiet. :)
21. Red (Demo) - I don't like this version as much as the original version because the "re-e-e-d"s and the drums stick out more in this raw version.
22. State of Grace (Acoustic) - I can't decide whether I like the original version or this acoustic version better. I think I would have preferred to have something in between the two - not too loud, and not too quiet, either. But let me give my cliche phrase - "but I still do like this song". :P

I think I need to find a new phrase to use, yes? :P I feel like I am coming off as uneducated...

I shall give these deluxe tracks a rating of...
Alyianna's rating: 8 or 9 out of 10
(I couldn't decide because the more I listen to this album, the more I like the songs on it.)

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