Friday, December 28, 2012

Three of the Best Christmas Albums

Since it is getting a little late to do a Christmas album review, I decided that I would just do a general review of three of my favourite Christmas albums.

Casting Crowns - Peace on Earth

My favourite song from this album is the first track - "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day". This song is just gorgeous. Another praiseworthy song is a Christmas version of their song "While You Were Sleeping". The only song I don't like is the one in which the woman in the band sings, "God is in us". For you Catholic readers, this is a heresy. (Note that I said Catholic, so I am not trying to be offensive or anything. All I mean is that it is against our teaching.) Besides this one song, this Christian album is definitely worth a listen!

Christina Perri - A Very Merry Perri Christmas EP

My mom wanted me to find her some more Christmas albums, so I searched up for Christmas albums released this year. One of the albums on this list was this album I am doing a mini review of right now. I thought, "Awesome! Christina Perri has a Christmas album!" So my mom and I listened to the iTunes previews, and since my mom thought it was acceptable, we asked my dad to purchase it for us. I have only listened to this EP once, but I already really like it. Christina Perri's voice seems to have a holiday warmth perfect for Christmas songs. Her cover of "Ave Maria" is really nice, and I really like the song that Christina wrote herself, "Something About December".

The Priests- Noel

Another Christmas CD I like is Noel by The Priests. As some of you have probably guessed from the types of genres of music I have reviewed so far, I'm not too big a fan of classical music - well, at least, so far. I have been delving more into classical music recently. However, there is something about this album that I like. Among my favourites on this CD are The Priests' two versions of Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth.

All three of these albums are up there in the 10/10's range.

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