Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Attention All Authors/Writers!

Are you a published or self-published author trying to gain a larger audience? Then you won't want to miss this deal! As of today, I will now be accepting any requests to do a review of your novel.

Q: What are the terms?

A: YOU will send an email to You will give a paragraph summary of your written work, its genre, a few paragraphs excerpt, and why you think your novel is worthy to be reviewed on my blog. ;) If I accept your request, you will then send me the manuscript of your novel in either a Word document or a PDF. Reason? I don't have time to be sitting on my computer all day so I need to be able to transfer the file to my Kobo, iPod, or whatever.

I will read your novel and when I am done, post an honest and thoughtful review on this blog.

Q: What types of written works are you accepting? Will you accept anything besides novels?

A: Here is a complete list of all the written works I will accept:

- published novels (such as the ones that can be found on the shelf of a bookstore)
- self-published novels (e.g. on Amazon)
- novels published to a website (such as Figment, Quibblo, or whatever)
- and in certain cases, I may accept plays, fanfiction, books of poetry, etc.

I will NOT accept short stories or a collection of just a few pieces of poetry.

Q: How long will it take you to review my novel?

A: It depends. During the school year, I will be slower. And the more interesting I find your novel, the faster I'll finish it. Makes sense? Good. :)

So, what are you waiting for?

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To the rest of my audience, don't worry - more reviews are coming in soon. I haven't been able to post for a long time because of my first set of diploma exams. But now that those are out of the way...


Anonymous said...

great idea! sorry I haven't visited in a while, I took a break from blogging, but I'm back!
hope you're having a great day!

Alyianna said...

Thanks Juliet. :)