Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Far - Regina Spektor Album Review

I came across one of Regina Spektor's songs - "Laughing With". I was impressed so much that I decided to give Regina Spektor a try again. I had listened to one of her CDs a year ago after I was so impressed by her song for the movie Prince Caspian, "The Call". After listening to her CD, I thought her songs were a mixed-up bunch of nonsical words and I wasn't too impressed overall with her music.

It just turns out that the CD I chose to listen to was the same CD I listened to a year ago (or perhaps it was two?). This time, I have more positive comments to make.

The music is definitely good - Regina's music is indie pop. Some of the songs, "Folding Chair", "Machine", and "Dance Anthem of the 80's", specifically, have a little bit of a feel as if it were your best friend singing a song for you and made some funny noises to make you laugh. This gives Regina's CD a "homey" feel. "The Wallet" is a really cute and simple song about Regina finding a guy's wallet and what she does with it. I don't really care for her song "The Calculation" (the first track on this album), though.

Then we come to "Laughing With". This song is just AMAZING and is so true! The message of this song is that people scoff at God when they are having a good time...but when bad times come - an accident, a sickness, a fire, etc. - THEN they no longer scoff at God. They invoke His Name, asking Him to help them out of their difficulty.

Now for about the appropriateness in the material...

I like the song "Two Birds", but it is about a couple that get frustrated with each other and finally divorce. Then, we have "Dance Theme of the 80's", in which the lyrics go "The boys and the girls watch each other eat/When they really just wanna watch each other sleep". You know what that means...

Then, while the song "Genius Next Door" is pretty, I have a feeling that there's something wrong with this song. I'm not very good at understanding most of the lyrics of her songs, but I get these few impressions: the kids in the town like to go into this enchanted lake, in which they get "high", the song is a story of a boy, who leads a meaningless life, but at night, he would go into the lake naked, and later on, he commits suicide.

The rest of the songs are probably fine. :)

Alyianna's reviews: 8.5 out of 10


Anonymous said...

I love "The Call" The only other Spectator music I'd heard had cussing so I never listened to any more of her songs. Thank you so much for telling me about "Laughing with"
I love it :D

Alyianna said...

I LOVE "The Call", too (in fact, that's why I tried out this CD). I actually have a music video on my YouTube channel that I'm very proud of with this song that you might want to check out. If you want, I can give you the link. ;)