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The Lost Hero Book Review

Jason wakes up in a bus on the way to a school field trip, and he can't remember anything of his past or who he is. He has a girlfriend, Piper, and a best friend, Leo, but he can't even remember them. And when the field trip is taking place, strange things begin to happen...

When I got this book for Christmas, I though, "Oh, cool! Another book by Rick Riordan! But it's not in the Percy Jackson series...oh, well, it's still Rick Riordan." Then I started reading this book...and like when I read the Percy Jackson books, I. CAN'T. STOP.

I realized when I was farther into the book that the Heroes of Olympus series actually comes after the Percy Jackson books and is a continuation of the series (and I've only read 2 out of 5 of the Percy Jackson books), but I still enjoyed it. The book did explain some things, enough so that you understand what is going on, but not enough to spoil any future reading of the Percy Jackson books (not really, at least).

I'm not going to say too much more about this book. It's amazing, maybe even better than the two Percy Jackson books I read (*gasp*). There are three main characters (Jason, Piper, and Leo), which was pretty cool because Rick Riordan kept switching between their viewpoints (the chapters are titled with whose viewpoint it is), which enhanced the story, in my opinion. One thing about the three different characters, though - at the beginning I liked Jason, but as the story went on, he became more distant and I couldn't relate to him very well. There's a pointer about that later on. So I ended up with Piper as (probably) my favourite character, and Leo taking second (he's pretty cool!).

Of course, there was more about mythology to learn intertwined in the story, which I always like.

Alyianna's rating: 10 out 10

 After the break, find one very positive and one very negative review.

Brigid says (with a 5 star rating):

"So. Rick Riordan. RICK RIORDAN. I love him. And I hate him. He is so wonderful, but so evil. I find this to be true of most of my favorite authors.

Anyway, Mr. Riordan has a lot of skill. He creatively ties mythology into reality, and his characters are developed well. His writing isn't the best thing ever, but at least it's funny. I love love loved the Percy Jackson books. It's one of my very favorite series. And I enjoyed the first Kane Chronicles book as well although not as much as Percy Jackson. 

Aaaand same goes for The Lost Hero. I loved it, but not as much as the series from which it originated. I thought it was a "better" book, but ... I don't know. I guess I have more of a sentimental attachment to Percy Jackson, since I was part of the whole hype from when I was 12 until I was 16 when the last book came out. So, it's a little hard to let go of that attachment and be like, "I MISS PERCY!" But, oh well.

So yeah, this book. I guess I'm a little late writing this review, as I've already implied. I don't know if I should really bother going into detail.

Well ... I liked that Annabeth was in it. That made me happy. But I MISS PERCY, DANG IT. AND HE WASN'T IN IT AT ALL. IT MADE ME ANGRY. 

But the other characters were pretty cool. I loved Leo and Piper. They both had cool backstories and were very likable. 

Jason on the other hand, I didn't like very much. He was just kinda ... ehhh. The whole memory-loss thing made him a bit hard to relate to, because without it he didn't really have a backstory and therefore didn't seem like much of a developed character. He was just being kickass all the time and being like, "I don't know why I'm so kickass ... I just am! YEAH!" Well, I hope he'll be a tad more developed in the other books. 

Aaand the plot, the plot was cool. There were scary monsters and gods and stuff. Hooray for mythology! I liked how in this one, Rick Riordan addressed Roman mythology and how it relates to Greek mythology––and how there's the Roman camp as well as the Greek one."

Ana says (with a 1 star rating):

"Probably SPOILER ALERT, but nothing you couldn't have figured out in the first few pages.

Prepare yourself for the first yet negative review of this book.

I was so excited for this book to come out. But then I read it, and was very disappointed. Just to clarify, I LOVED the original Percy Jackson series. They were amazing. This, however, was not.

The characters were all Sues:

1. Piper's perfection. "I'M SO BEAUTIFUL BUT I MUST HIDE IT BECAUSE IT'S EMBARASSING SO I'M GOING TO GO CUT MY HAIR WITH SAFETY SCISSORS NOW BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!" She doesn't need to wear makeup or nice clothes to be beautiful, because being a daughter of Aphrodite gets you everything except self-confidence. She is very speshul because 1) her eyes change color (cliche? What? NO!) and 2) she has the VERY RARE gift of charmspeak.

2. And then there was Jason, Piper's love interest. Which they were very, very subtle about. I never saw a connection between them. It seemed like she thought that she should be attracted to him, so she was.

3. Leo. It's too bad, I kind of liked him. But then he got the VERY RARE gift of creating fire from nothing and I laughed.

Also, I quickly got sick of the simple writing style. Point of view changes definitely didn't add to the story AT ALL. The quality of writing has plummeted, maybe because Riordan is just plain better at writing in first person. The part at the end where Jason [doesn't die even though ANYONE ELSE would, because he's SPESHUL (hide spoiler)was incredibly frustrating."

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