Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Life in Pink & Green Book Review

My reason for reading this book was to see if it was appropriate for my sister, as she received it as a gift and  neither my dad nor I could find any helpful reviews for it.

Lucy's life isn't going too well. The pharmacy that her family has owned for as long as she can remember may be forced into non-existence because of the larger stores that people shop at, in addition to the bills that her mother cannot find the money to pay. Her mother and grandmother keep getting into fights about what they should do about this problem. Her best friend has her head in the clouds about some boy in their class. If the pharmacy can be saved, it looks like it's up to Lucy to do it. Could her makeovers possibly help?

Surprisingly, I didn't find this book too boring, seeing that this book is meant for girls around the age of twelve. I liked that, even though Lucy is a "makeup genius", she firmly believes (and tells others) that makeup isn't what makes a girl beautiful. Lucy believes that makeup is good because it can make a girl feel more confident about her own beauty, which I found a good message for this book. I also liked how each chapter started with either a business or a makeup tip or quote, which I found both cute and interesting.

There are three elements to this book. One of these is the part about saving the pharmacy. The second is about being "green" and saving the earth, but it wasn't too pushy, so I tolerated it. The third is a mini-romance element. Lucy helps boost her East Indian friend's confidence about a boy that she is crushing on. Then, towards the end of the book, Lucy herself develops a crush on her friend's brother. The romance part wasn't too big and wasn't inappropriate or anything like that (in fact, it was kind of cute), but one has to realize that it is the other element that makes up this book. It isn't teeny-tiny and pretty much nonexistent like some reviews had me believe before I read the book.

Any inappropriateness? There are a couple of times when God's name is used in vain, as in the exclamation that all teens nowadays seem to use (and all of us have heard at one time or another). There also is a mention of Lucy's parents being separated; also of a realtor who wants Lucy's mother to date his son. However, Lucy's mother has no intention of dating this other guy, so I don't think this element is too much of a problem. Another thing for parents to know is that the grade twelve girls who go to Lucy for makeovers call her a "makeup goddess".

All in all, this book wasn't bad. I will give this book a rating of:

Alyianna's rating: 8 out 10

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