Monday, March 4, 2013

The Son of Neptune Book Review

One day, I turned on my Kobo reader and I found something very unexpected - my dad had bought me the second Heroes of Olympus book! Of course, I was very happy because this is the next book from Rick Riordan that I had wanted to read.

At first, I was slightly disappointed with this book because I had expected that I would hear more about Leo, Piper, and Jason - the characters of The Lost Hero. Instead, our main characters (whose viewpoints are distributed evenly throughout the book) are Percy Jackson and two new people we haven't read about yet - Hazel and Frank.

Compared to Jason from the first Heroes of Olympus book, I could relate to both Hazel and Frank, so I was happy about that. I also liked how Rick Riordan wrote a a small romance thread between the two of these characters, just the way I like it - small, yet sweet.

In The Lost Hero, readers follow the adventures of Jason, a Roman demigod who has lost his memory, and his two friends, Leo and Piper. The only mention of Percy Jackson is of him as the lost hero; the hero who has disappeared from the Greek demigod camp, Camp Half-Blood. Now, in The Son of Neptune, we find out that Percy has also lost his memory and has found his way to the Roman demigod camp. As I mentioned above, there are two new characters. Hazel is a daughter of Hades (or Pluto, if we're talking Roman) who has a dark secret. Frank wants to find out who his god father is, and what this destiny that his grandmother keeps insisting that he has is.

All in all, even though I was disappointed at the beginning, the story turned around and I was wowed again by the amazing Rick Riordan, who never seems to fail his fans. In addition, the cover looks great, as usual.

Alyianna's rating: 9 out 10 (hmmm...I think I should move The Lost Hero down to a 9, too...)

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