Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just a Note

I've gotten really fed up with having two sign in and sign out of accounts to access my Gmail and Blogger in different accounts, so I'm going to try to "invite" my Gmail user as an author to my blogs and hopefully that will work. :) I just thought I'd let you all know so that if the author thing looks funny, you'll know what is going on. :)

Sorry it's been so long I've posted, by the way. I'll try to get something really nice on here soon!


James The Movie Reviewer said...

I've tried something like this before but the problem was that you will not be able to check the blogs you follow unless you follow them again. :/ I use Windows Live Mail to check my g-mail, that it much easier for me. :)


Alyianna Baggins said...

Yeah, I figured that out...but at least this way, I can actually go through my blogs again and decide if I really want to be following so many blogs when I don't have much time. :)