Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hugo Soundtrack Review

I'm listening to the Hugo soundtrack as I write this. I picked it up at the library because the music was produced by Howard Shore - the amazing composer for The Lord of the Rings films (which no other soundtrack has rivaled, in my opinion). My first thoughts as I began my first listen were:

Wow...this is really different than The Lord of the Rings. I wasn't expecting Paris music - I thought this music was set in Britain from the pictures I saw. Do I like this enough to give it a good rating or is it just blah?

But as the soundtrack went on, I seemed to glimpse - or was that just me looking for anything LOTR - little moments that felt like the LOTR soundtrack, such as in the track "Hugo's Father". However, the soundtrack was still its own soundtrack, and while it wasn't the same high quality as LOTR (in my opinion), it was still magical. I liked the close-to-the-ending French song sung by a woman called Zaz (or maybe that's just me liking everything to do with France :P).

Final decision (aka rating): 8 out 10


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Overall I thought Hugo's soundtrack was solid, and it was probably my favorite aspect of the film.


Alyianna Baggins said...

I haven't watched the film yet, so that's why my thoughts weren't as...solid. xD I hope to watch the film soon, though. :)