Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beauty & the Beast 2012 TV Show (Pilot & Episode 2 Review)

Recently, I discovered this TV show. The funny thing is, my dad had recommended to me a show of the same name, but from the 1980s - I didn't realize this and started watching this show. I've really enjoyed what I've seen of it so far, and I thought I would do a review of it.

Nine years ago, Catherine Chandler witnessed the murder of her mother. The killers then turned on her. Cat was only saved when something - or someone - attacked these men. Cat believed that she saw that her rescuer was a man, but everyone told her that it must have been her own imagination. Cat believed them - until, as a detective working on a murder case, Cat runs into danger and is saved by a man with seemingly superhuman strength.

How Believable Is It? While the story is a totally different variation of the story of Beauty and the Beast, I really liked all the aspects of a criminal show. For that's what this really is - a criminal show with a Beauty-and-the-Beast element to it. I find the Beast-ifying of Vincent by an experiment on soldiers to be believable, and I dig the science-fiction-y feeling of it. Catherine can definitely take care of herself in danger, but, then, she's a detective. She's probably had training to be able to fight like this when criminals try to kill her. However, I am finding it be getting a little cliche that Vincent ALWAYS comes into to save the day when a criminal is too strong for her (a couple of times each episode so far).

Chemistry Between Characters? I appreciate the honesty and the friendship between Cat and Vincent. I like the sisterly love between Cat and her sister Heather in the second episode, and the really close relationship between Cat and her mom shown in the first few minutes of the pilot episode. And I like the friendship between Cat and her best friend Tess, who is her detective partner.

Appropriateness? While there isn't anything really bad in the show, I wouldn't have anyone younger than myself watching it because of the type of crime cases and some minor language (it's very minor, nothing worse than what's sometimes in a children's movie). The weird thing I find with the two episodes I've seen so far that both crime cases so far have dealt with something sexual. In the first episode, a woman gets killed because of some jealousy from other women (*cough*) when her husband cheats behind her back (*cough cough*). In the second episode, a young woman gets killed by this guy who either wanted to be her boyfriend and she said no or perhaps he did something to her  first (I was sort of confused about that one). While we don't see any of this stuff because it's just mentioned, I still wouldn't show this show to anyone younger than myself just because.

Summary: There's some stuff I don't like, and some things don't work too well, but I'm liking the way things are going so far overall. Of course, that could be because I've never watched a crime show before... :)

Alyianna's Rating: 8 out 10 (with keeping in mind that I usually rate things higher than I should rate it)

Cat heads into danger in a subway station.

Vincent tells Cat about the experiment performed on him and other soldiers.

Vincent's best friend J.T. He's a funny guy, and always looks out for his friend's safety.

Cat and Tess look for evidence.