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Doctor Who - Series 4 & 5 {A TV Show Review}

Hello all! Before I start, I just thought I'd make a note that this is going to be more of a compare-and-contrast review because of the big differences between these two series - different actors/actresses and different major writers to name the top two differences.

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Series 4
Main writer: Russell T. Davies
Actor playing the Doctor: David Tennant
Other main actors/actresses: Catherine Tate
My rating for this season: 10 out of 10

As I began to watch DW, I found each series to get better than the one before. Series 4 was no exception. The new companion, Donna Noble, was exceptional (perhaps even a new favourite of mine). David Tennant was, as usual, brilliant.

Series Four is the collection of the last of the Tenth Doctor's adventures. It is also the fall of the Doctor into loneliness as his companions, one by one, leave him - "because they should or because they find someone else. And some of them, some of them... forget me." This leaves the series' finale to be a very emotional one, but I absolutely love those type of episodes.

Major Characters
The Tenth Doctor - played by David Tennant

10 and Donna
Donna Noble - Series Four begins with the Doctor bumping into the woman he met and spent one episode saving in Series Three - Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate. However, this time, Donna has realized how dull life can be and asks to travel with him. Feisty and boisterous, but having a kind heart, Donna helps keep the Doctor from falling back into the unmerciful ways he had before he met Rose Tyler. In fact, in the brilliant episode "Turn Left" and the series finale, Donna Noble becomes the most important woman in the whole of the universe.

Wilfred Mott - He's not a major character, but I can't not mention him. Wilf (played by Bernard Cribbins) is Donna's grandfather (and whom I consider to be the dearest old man ever). Wilf becomes the Doctor's companion in the Christmas special (which I consider to be the real series finale), "The End of Time".

One Thing That Made This Series So Wonderful
Donna Noble and her grandfather.

My Favourite Episodes from This Series
The last half of the series - consisting of the two-parter "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead", "Midnight", "Turn Left", the finale two-parter "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" (in which former companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Captain Jack, and Sarah Jane Smith make an appearance)...and the Christmas two-parter special "The End of Time". But, really, it's hard to pick favourites here as the entire series was so magnificent.

Series 5
Main writer: Steven Moffat
Actor playing the Doctor: Matt Smith
Other main actors/actresses: Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill
My rating for this season: 9 out of 10

I started this series doubtful. I had just gone through the experience of the Tenth Doctor's regeneration, and I missed David Tennant dreadfully. The Eleventh Doctor had his quirks that I liked, but I still wasn't altogether sure about him. I also missed the emotional style of Davies' episodes.

In fact, it wasn't until "Vincent and the Doctor" (the tenth episode out of thirteen) that I really started to enjoy the episodes. And it wasn't until the series finale that I finally accepted Matt Smith as the Doctor and I could accept that Moffat could write an amazing episode. Let me say it better - the series finale was fantastic. Of course, I always say that each series finale gets better than the last, but I still think that this was one of the best series finales ever (along with Series 4's finale). .....However, this isn't to say that I didn't like the other episode of series four. I did...I just didn't enjoy them quite as much as the last four series.

Major Characters

The Eleventh Doctor (bottom left) - this Doctor, played by Matt Smith, is very playful and childish compared the other two Doctors I have seen. This makes 11 a fun character. However, he also has his serious side.

Amy Pond (top left) - Amy, played by Karen Gillan, first meets the newly regenerated Doctor when she is seven years old. He fixes a crack in time in her wall, and then leaves, promising to be "back in five minutes". However, the Doctor isn't the best at time, and accidentally comes back in twelve years, leaving Amy skeptical of her "imaginary friend". Amy decides to travel with the Doctor after an adventure with him changes her mind. Gillan describes her character as sassy, funny, and passionate.

Rory Williams (top right) - Rory, Amy's fiancee, was played by Arthur Darvill. He isn't exactly the brightest character and doesn't care for adventure, but he is completely devoted to Amy. He starts learns to accept the Doctor's life towards the end of the series.

River Song (bottom right) - River is one of those characters that you really don't know what to make of in the beginning. When the Doctor first meets her in Series Four, she is quite familiar with him, which he doesn't understand, as he's never met her before. By Series Five, we learn that River is also a time-traveller, and she and the Doctor keep meeting in the wrong order. In fact, she is going to be the Doctor's wife someday.

One Thing That Made This Series So Wonderful
Rory Williams' faithfulness to Amy.

My Favourite Episodes from this Series
"Vincent and the Doctor" and the finale two-parter "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang" (honestly, this is where Moffat talent exploded). But I also like such episodes as "The Vampires of Venice" and "Amy's Choice".

And, finally, to end off,

Pictures & Quotes

Series Four, "Silence in the Library"

"There were cracks. Some were tiny, some were as big as the sky. Through some, we saw worlds and people, and through others, we saw Silence... and the end of all things. We fled to an ocean like ours and the cracks snapped shut behind us... and Saturnyne was lost."
- "Vampires of Venice" (Series Five)

Series Five, "Vincent and the Doctor"

The Chancellor: There is... there is one part of the prophecy, my Lord. Forgive me. I'm sorry. It's rather difficult to decipher, but it talks of two survivors beyond the Final Day. Two children of Gallifrey.
President of the Time Lords: Does it name them?
Chancellor: It foresees them locked in their final confrontation. The Enmity of Ages which would suggest—
President: The Doctor! And The Master.
Chancellor: One word keeps being repeated, my Lord. One constant word. Earth. Planet Earth. Indigenous species: the human race.

President: Maybe that's where the answer lies. Our salvation. On Earth.
- "The End of Time" (Series Four)

Series Four, "Journey's End"

"It's funny, I thought, if you could hear me, I could hang on, somehow. Silly me. Silly old Doctor. When you wake up, you'll have a mum and dad, and you won't even remember me. Well, you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. But that's OK: we're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Because it was, you know, it was the best: a daft old man, who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you I stole it? Well, I borrowed it; I was always going to take it back. Oh, that box, Amy, you'll dream about that box. It'll never leave you. Big and little at the same time, brand-new and ancient, and the bluest blue, ever. And the times we had, eh? Would've had. Never had. In your dreams, they'll still be there. The Doctor and Amy Pond... and the days that never came."
- "The Big Bang" (Series Five)

Series Five, "Amy's Choice"

"I just want you know there are worlds out there safe in the sky because of her. And there are people living in the light and singing songs of Donna Noble a thousand million light years away. They will never forget her. While she can never remember. But for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe."
- The Doctor, "Journey's End" (Series Four)

Series Four, "Turn Left"

"It seems to me there's so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamt of."
- Vincent van Gogh, "Vincent and the Doctor" (Series Five)

Series Five, "The Big Bang"

"Because that's how I see the universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not... That's the burden of the Timelord, Donna. And I'm the only one left."
- "The Fires of Pompeii" (Series Four)

"When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend. The Raggedy Doctor. My Raggedy Doctor. But he wasn't imaginary. He was real. I remember you. I remember! I brought the others back, I can bring you home too. Raggedy Man, I remember you and you are late for my wedding! I found you. I found you in words like you knew I would. That's why you told me the story. The brand new ancient blue box. Oh clever, very clever. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue."
- Amy, "The Big Bang"

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