Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Design, New Blogging

By now, I'm sure you have all had time to notice that this blog has had a complete makeover - not only the design, but the pages ("Music I Love"? "Books I Love"? Ring any bells?) have also been rewritten (except the quotes page, but that had changes to it, too). I will still be tweaking some things and here, such as the gadgets on the side, but nothing too drastic should happen. So this is it! Here is the new blog design that you will be seeing for the next year or two. How do you like it? Let me know on the poll on the side. :)

Now that business is dealt with, I'll get onto the other topic I want to cover in the post - new blogging methods. As I am now out of college until September, this blog will be updated regularly. I am hoping to stick with at least 2-3 posts per week. Some of this depends on how much material I have to review (I don't have a whole lot of time to read because writing reviews takes time, and I'm also doing a course in French over these four months), but I will be writing posts ahead of time to try to keep the posts coming. There may be some quiet moments when I go on a couple of day's vacation, but I will try to prepare my own posts or get some people to guest post before then.

What kind of reviews can you expect? I've got one stack of books that I haven't had time to review yet, and another stack of books on my to-read pile that will be reviewed when I have to do so. I'm watching movies or tv shows with my younger sister all the time, so there will be reviews of kid-friendly media. My mother and I love to borrow stacks upon stacks of CDs from our local library, so there will definitely be music reviews.

But what about that poll that I posted at the beginning of the year? The one where I asked all of you what kind of posts you want to see? Never fear - I am about to address that, as well! Here are the results of the poll:

What would you like to see on this blog?

Jane Austen reviews
  0 (0%)
Lord of the Rings reviews
  1 (14%)
More "special" posts (like 'books of my childhood' or 'songs I like')
  4 (57%)
More music reviews
  4 (57%)
More book reviews
  4 (57%)
More movie reviews
  5 (71%)
Something different - like fanfiction, app, website, or game reviews
  3 (42%)
Reviews of children's books
  0 (0%)
Narnia reviews
  2 (28%)
Reviews of recent books/movies/music
  3 (42%)
Reviews of older books/movies/music
  2 (28%)
Other (comment on any post)

Therefore, I will be paying special attention to make sure I post more MOVIE, BOOK, MUSIC, and "SPECIAL POSTS". I will also make sure I do some "different" posts and reviews of current books/movies/music....and lastly (and not so much), reviews of older books/movies/music and Narnia/LOTR reviews. 

I am going to end this post right now and start on a list of things to review. :) Until next time!

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