Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Snow Drifts" ~ a Once Upon a Time episode reaction

So. "Snow Falls" has been out for almost two days. You've had time to form your own opinions about what has happened...so why not read about my reactions?


Well, okay...let's be a little more specific.

Travelling to the past, creating catastrophe, and having to fix that
This part of the episode was beyond amazing. From Emma's gorgeous princess makeover to the rewriting of the Snow/Charming story to the usage of various past-Enchanted Forest elements (such as Red's ability/curse of being able to change into a wolf) to Emma's decision to remain in Storybrooke, I was left feeling that Horowitz and Kitsis have outdone themselves this time. This is pretty much the best thing that has been done the entire show, in my opinion.

Freaking gorgeous dress!!!!!
And Hook. Man, you've changed. From that moment that past Hook shot Belle oh so long ago, I hated him. But I see a completely changed man here...a decent man. Hook really has changed way more than any other character in this show...because Regina and Rumple still have some of their evil sides. But I don't see any of that with Hook. So just a little comment I saw on Tumblr that describes my new feelings towards Hook/Killian perfectly:

No but do you know how significant it is that Killian punched Past!Hook when he was making out with Emma? Because in other shows, when that happens, the present version of the character always cheers themselves on like ‘Go past me!’. But Killian didn’t do that, because he looked at Past!Hook and he didn’t identify with him. He saw a stranger, someone he wasn’t proud of and someone who wasn’t worthy of Emma’s attention. 

That is how you character development.

It was SO nice to have the old Rumple with us again with his Dark One mannerisms and little laugh...especially since I am furious with present Mr. Gold. He is (was?) my favourite character, but what a sneaky, selfish, cowardly thing to do...! (Last episode.) I refuse to forgive him.

The ending love scenes

Happy family :) :) :)

So Kitsis and Crew spoiled Rumple and Belle's wedding for me...and when I've been waiting so long for a thing like this to happen! (Whose evil and cruel idea was this, anyway?) I couldn't enjoy a single moment of it. (By the way, who came up with the idea for Belle's wedding clothes? The choice was horrific!)

Can't stop heart melting...
Okay, fine. The look on Rumple's face as he sees his bride won me over. For the moment.

Emma and Hook kiss - FINALLY. Though that kiss went on for WAY too long. Regina and Robin with Robin's little boy? Not only absolutely adorable, but also sweet and beautiful.

Regina's happy family?

The actual ending
So, Emma. You ruined everything. Poor Regina...she has every right to hate you after this. And just when my heart is breaking, we find out that Emma and Hook inadvertently brought another unwelcome guest back to Storybrooke in addition to Marian...something magical that even the Dark One himself was afraid to experiment with. Just as I think 'here we go again...', ELSA pops up. And I'm left with déjà-vu as the feeling of heartbreak turning into reluctant laughter happens (like sometimes happens after a Moffat Doctor-Who episode).

So there you have it, folks. Season 3 of OUAT is officially over. Let the hiatus begin!

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