Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Favourite Companions/Guides: The Lord of the Rings {Day Two}

The Lord of the Films is one of my absolute favourite guides...for any movie or series. This book is divided into scenes from The Lord of the Rings movies and provides provides pictures, funny reactions from audiences to that certain scene, bloopers, and fun facts. I like to read random snippets from it to amuse myself.

The Magic Worlds of Lord of the Rings is formatted like a question and answer book, with the answers going into depth of about 1-3 pages. This book includes facts for "greenhorns" to facts that even I didn't know (and I'm a huge Tolkien fan who knows a lot of facts about The Lord of the Rings). This guide is very enjoyable to read.

Guide to Tolkien's World: A Bestiary - I'm sort of cheating with this one again because I haven't read it. However, my sister read it and she assures me that it is most excellent.

The Rough Guide to The Lord of the Rings was my first LOTR companion. I really like this one because it covers lots of aspects pertaining to The Lord of the Rings - from the origins of the story to movie trivia to characters to movements that Tolkien's trilogy inspired in the real world.

Books that almost made the list
- The Lord of the Rings Official Movie Guide: This is a decent guide to The Fellowship of the Ring, but I have seen better movie guides (such as the official Narnia movie guides).

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