Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Fairest Beauty ~ book review

Sophie desperately wants to get away from her stepmother's jealousy, and believes escape is her only chance to be happy. Then a young man named Gabe arrives from Hagenheim Castle, claiming she is betrothed to his older brother, and everything twists upside down. This could be Sophie's one chance at freedom—but can she trust another person to keep her safe? 

After reading The Captive Maiden, I decided that I want to read all of Melanie Dickerson's other books. This book was even better than its sequel (yes, I didn't realize that I was reading the books backwards until now), in my opinion. There was the same type of sweet romance, but I found the heroine Sophie to be purer of heart than Giselle from CM was, and likewise for Gabe from FB versus Valten from CM.

I actually liked having read CM first, though because it left me with a feeling of things being satisfactorily finalized (because I know that Valten gets his Princess in the sequel, so he wasn't really left out at the end for me). But if you're trying to figure out which book of the series to read first, both have their benefits so it really doesn't matter.

Alyianna's rating: 10 out 10

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Charity U
This book was a lovely surprise! I was quite sure from reviews of Melanie’s other books, and also from the back cover, that I would enjoy this book…I just didn’t know how much! This is a delightful retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. But it isn’t really a fantasy book…everything that happens really could have happened! There isn’t any “magic” like you usually see in these retellings. However, it is easy to see how in later retellings (I’m pretty sure this is the TRUE story) magic was worked in. The characters depended on God, making them clearly Christian. However, this didn’t detract from the delightfulness of the story in the least! The dwarves were changed, but recognizable…and that’s all I’m going to say about that here. Go buy a copy. :) Oh, also, if you’ve read The Healer's Apprentice, I’m pretty sure you’re going to find a character or two to recognize! I haven’t, but I caught the reference through pure luck. Definitely want to read more by Melanie! See review.

BrandiFirst, Sophie herself is a great protagonist. She's honest and sweet, but also strong-willed and brave in the face of trouble. I've always thought of Snow White as animpossibly kind character, but I felt that Sophie was believable. Gabe is also has a believable personality. He's capable, resilient, and courageous - but also extremely impulsive. He's driven by the desire to exceed his brother's reputation. Read more.

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