Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beneath the Dover Sky ~ book review

The second book in the series (following Ashton Park) transports the reader back in time to 1924 as Sir William--recently named Lord Preston--celebrates his sixtieth birthday at the Danforth summer home in Dover. Although the ravages of World War I are in the past, new threats loom as a man named Adoph Hitler publishes a book called Mein Kampf. Is he a danger to Europe? And what of Lord Preston's growing friendship with an up and coming political leader named Winston Churchill?

On the home front, one of the Danforth daughters, the recently widowed Catherine, sells her home in Belfast to spend more time at Dover--where she finds herself annoyed at the impertinent German theologian her father has befriended. The entire Danforth family faces many changes as illness and tragedy strike. Young Edward finally makes his move into the political arena while Michael and Libby welcome a new family member.

I liked the second book in this trilogy much better than Ashton Park. One reason was that the whole book wasn't spent on the love dramas of every single Danforth child (mostly because almost all of the children are married at this point, but I am grateful for any reason). I liked that more time was spent on more important/interesting events, such as

- the point of view of a man who opposes Hitler living in post-WW2 Germany
- the subplot of a woman who learns to love the grandchild she didn't want
- a dying woman who unselfishly starts planning for her husband's future instead of thinking of herself


Finally, I liked that there was more points of view of the Danforth's servants, and that there wasn't yet another servant-and-noble-fall-in-love subplot (which quickly became boring in the first book).

Oh, and I like this cover better than the first book's cover, too.

Alyianna's rating: 9 out of 10

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