Monday, July 14, 2014

Merlin Series 2 ~ TV Show Review

The excitement and novelty of this TV show has died down a little bit for me, but there are still those episodes that surprise me (like with Doctor Who :D). I definitely still recommend this season just as much as the first season. While episodes like "Beauty and the Beast" made me think, "I don't want to look...! But I have to look to see what happens!", episodes like "The Lady of the Lake" were SO BEAUTIFUL.

My Top 5 Favourite Episodes

"The Lady of the Lake"

1. "The Lady of the Lake"
Merlin helps the beautiful druid girl Freya escape from a bounty hunter's cage. Merlin feels connected to Freya in a way he hasn't felt with anyone before.

2. "The Last Dragonlord"
When the Great Dragon attacks Camelot, Arthur and Merlin search for the last Dragonlord... who happens to be someone distinctly connected to Merlin.

3. "Sweet Dreams"
King Alined wants war and is prepared to do anything to make it happen - even magic. Arthur and a king's daughter, who used to hate each other, now are certain that they love each other because of this magic.

4. "The Once and Future Queen"
Merlin helps Arthur disguise his identity to enter a jousting tournament in order to prove his worth. But in the long wrong run, Arthur learns some lessons about humility.

5. "Sins of the Father"
A mysterious warrior challenging Arthur to a duel starts a devastating chain of events, one of which Arthur finds out the secret his father has been keeping from him since his birth.

"The Last Dragonlord"

 Alyianna's rating: 9 out of 10

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