Friday, July 18, 2014

So Close to You ~ book review

I enjoyed this YA with a touch of sci-fi and historical fiction (more so of the latter). Lydia was a character I could relate to, a girl who doesn't care about partying and loves her family, enough to spend time with her grandfather when she'd rather go to the beach and put herself in a dangerous situation to find the answers to a secret that has been plaguing her grandfather for years. She's genuine and someone I would like to be friends with.  I like the story of Wes, the boy who follows Lydia after she goes back in time order to protect her. (Not going to mention his story in order to keep this review relatively spoiler-free, but it is pretty cool and sci-fi-ish.) One thing though - I did find that Lydia fell in love with Wes awful fast after distrusting him for a while. Also, I found the “love triangle” (aka the main character having TWO love interests at the same time” to be a little annoying because this appears in pretty much YA book ever. However, I did appreciate that Lydia discouraged the second love interest, a boy who lives in a different time period, when she realized that he was meant for someone else.

The plot works and is different from the other travelling-in-time-to-see-ancestors books I've read. The historical parts feel real, although I did find the emphasis on a whole bunch of terminology of the period that the reader is obviously not going to understand to be slightly annoying.

The book ended on such a cliffhanger that I had to reread the ending and I started to panic that this was really the end. But then I found that this is the first book of a trilogy. *phew* Now I just need to find the sequel at my local library!

Alyianna's rating: 9 out of 10

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