Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I'm reading at the moment...

When it comes to reading, there is something that often happens with me. Let's call it Alyianna's Reading Syndrome. In the following disorder, the reader cannot stick with one book because what if the said book that he or she is reading is not in the room that he or she is in at the moment? Therefore, the reader needs to have a different book to read for different occasions or rooms. This leads to several books being read at once.

Therefore, I thought I would demonstrate this disorder by showing you the books I am reading at the moment... which will also show you some of the books that may show up on this reviews blog in the recent future.

I started re-reading one of my favourite books, I Thirst, a month ago. Then it ended upstairs in my bookshelf. I'm going to finish it at some point.

Then there's the book that my mom forced suggested that I read, Angels in the Dust (which I am about 20% through now, as it is a long book). It's not a bad read, but the problem is, I only have it on my Kobo. And I detest reading on ereaders. Give me a real book any day.

When I have brief moments in the day in between my French and playing with my sister, I'm reading The World of Downton Abbey (29% read). When I want to read something that will help with my writing, I'm reading 45 Master Characters. And, finally, I'm planning to start the sequel to Deeply Devoted, Twice Promised, very soon.

And because I don't like admitting this to the public, this is what I have on Goodreads:

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