Saturday, August 16, 2014

Merlin Series 3 & 4 ~ TV review

Merlin's epic quest to save either King Arthur or Camelot (or both) in every single episode continues. The episodes are beginning to get a little dull as the show seems to be doing the same things over and over again in just a slightly different way. Series 4 has a new title, "The New Adventures of Merlin", and new opening credits, but that's the biggest change-up. The episodes are fun, but not all that great. I'm starting to understand why BBC cancelled the show after its fifth season. However, there are still brilliant episodes every now and again.

Favourite Episodes (more or less in order)
The Sword in the Stone (S4 Finale) - After seeing the teaser trailer, I thought, "Oh no....not again. This is just going to be a rewrite of the Series 3 finale." But it turned out that it wasn't... and it was done quite brilliantly, even better than latter finale. However, there are some parts I was a little frustrated with - like how the myth of the sword in the stone is completely downplayed to where it wasn't special at all, and how Tristan and Isolde are smugglers (and pretty much the only reason that they are in this story is to be a foil to Arthur and someone for Guinevere to be jealous of, respectively).

A Servant of Two Masters (S4E6) - Merlin has become Morgana's weapon against Arthur and Guinevere renders Merlin unconscious...a few times.

The Changeling (S3E6) - Arthur is expected to marry the awkward and very unladylike Princess Elena, who is possessed by a creature whose kind want to take over Camelot. Very delightful (the episode, I mean).

The Secret Sharer (S4E7) - Morgana teams up with a wizard in order to defeat her one foe, Emrys.

Queen of Hearts (S3E10) - Morgana decides to split up Gwen and Arthur to make sure that Guinevere never sits on "her" throne, so Merlin uses an aging spell to thwart her. (Old Merlin is the best character in this entire show...just saying.)

Alyiana's rating: 8 out of 10

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