Thursday, October 30, 2014

1989 ~ music review

I've been waiting impatiently for Taylor Swift's next album. However, I was greatly disappointed with 1989. While there are some songs that I do like, most of them I do not. Even the songs I do like are nowhere as good as the songs on her previous albums. I think that there's altogether too much autotune and... well, pop. I know it's a pop album, but I was expecting something more like previous Taylor albums. There's also a bit of minor language going on, and some of the lines are a little more explicitly sexual than her previous songs, such as in "Wildest Dreams" ("You see me in hindsight / Tangled up with you all night").

The Good
The chorus from "Blank Space" grew on me, and I like the irony of the song. "Style" grew on me as well. I really really really like "Wildest Dreams" with its Lana del Ray vibe - but some of the lyrics are a little questionable. I don't mind "I Know Places" and "Out of the Woods". "Clean" is probably the best song on the entire album.

The Bad
There's a couple of songs that I don't mind, but I really don't like "Welcome to New York" and "Bad Blood". The first has way too much autotune and pop. I'm also suspicious of the lines: "Everybody here was someone else before / And you can get who you want / Boys and boys and girls and girls". The really high "stay" in "All You Had to Do Was Stay" makes me cringe - but the entire song "Bad Blood" makes me cringe. It doesn't even sound like Taylor at all!

Final Thoughts
I know that Taylor changes her music style from album to album, so I'm definitely looking forward to see if her next album is any better.

Alyianna's rating: 7 out of 10

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