Thursday, November 13, 2014

Blank Space ~ a Taylor Swift Review

"Blank Space" is one of my favourite songs off Taylor Swift's new album 1989. In this song, Taylor paints herself as the character the media portrays her to be - dating dozens of boys and insane. The song is very ironic and is full of sarcasm. Being a fan of Taylor for five years now, I really like that she addressed the media's lies about her in this way - much better than proclaiming everyone a "hater" like in "Shake It Off".

The music video, however, is even better. Not only does Taylor take on this character in her song, but she also does so in the video. I am very impressed by everything about this music video - the beautiful luxury house and grounds, fighting matching up to the lyrics, the hallway full of painting of Taylor's "ex-lovers", the gorgeous costumes, Taylor with cry-smears of mascara and an axe but yet still looking flawless. I'm not going to say anymore, otherwise, I would be gushing for hours. Even though Taylor's music has gone downhill with her latest album, the music video for "Blank Space" is her best yet.

Alyianna's ratings
Song: 9 out of 10
Music video: 10 out of 10

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Jamie said...

I've rewatched Blank Space more than ten times! I can't get enough of it; I agree, it definitely is one of her best ever!