Monday, November 10, 2014

Dark Water / Death in Heaven ~ Doctor Who Episode Review

I find that people either seem to really love or really hate the Series 8 finale two-parter of Doctor Who. I am one of those who is leaning towards the "really love" side. While this finale was not quite as good as past finales have been, it was definitely the best of the episodes this season and had some stellar elements.

(Read on for spoilers.)

Bringing back former characters Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Osgood was a great idea. I loved how they just took the new Doctor in stride without wondering who he was or exclaiming that he had changed his face. I don't know about the rest of the fans, but I know I was excited when the Doctor told Osgood to put "all of time and space" on her bucket list. However, I guess that's not going to happen now, is it? I'm sad that Osgood is gone for good, but it feels final. There were only so many times that she could be pulled up for another episode before it started feeling like the must-haves but also cheesy robot Santas from Russell Davies' Christmas episodes.

Danny was great. His sacrifice showed off his character, and I really admire how honourable he was. He was too good for Clara, if you ask me. Speaking about Clara....

Clara - she's annoyed me this season. I hate how Moffat rewrote her character into the egomaniac and controlling companion. She had some good moments this finale - such as the scene at the volcano at the beginning of "Dark Water" and her final scene with the Doctor in "Death in Heaven". However, there were enough of her scenes controlling the Doctor that spoiled Clara for me once and for all. I'm actually glad that she's gone. Clara was a great character in season 7, but she just wasn't right this season. I don't know if Moffat was trying to lessen the sadness of her leaving, but I think I would have preferred to have the heartbreak rather than feeling relief that she was finally gone.

The real wow of this finale, however, was Missy. The Master should have stayed male, but Michelle Gomez played the part really well. I also enjoyed the chemistry between Missy and the Doctor, and how their friendship was expanded from last time (series 4 with John Simm - who is still my favourite Master). I was very disappointed when Missy was killed - or did she teleport away? Moffat has supposedly hinted that Missy might appear in Series 9!

Alyianna's rating: 9 out of 10

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